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Have you lost contact with former employees who may be entitled to pension plan benefits? Are mailings to the contact addresses that you have on your records being returned to you as addressee unknown?
Our service helps fund sponsors and administrators exercise due diligence and locate missing pension fund participants. If you need to locate fund participants, we can provide a fast, reliable and inexpensive service. And for simple searches, our policy is "no find, no fee." Click here for details

Las Vegas Marriages. Not new but very useful if the person you were seeking was married at the chapel o' love. Allows searches by the bride and grooms name as well as by certificate number. Offered by Clark County Nevada.

Reverse Telephone Lookup by 411.com offers a quick way to find a phone number by just using a street address. Great if you just can't remember how to spell someones last name.

Special Search Section NEW! - Find people by searching properties, Federal prisons, military service, unlisted numbers, utilities, and more!



We, at findmissingpeople.com have unmatched access to various sources that are too numerous to list on our site. Please fill out an information request form at our affiliate site, US Trackers, and we will respond shortly.
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FREE Birthday Search Can't remember the birthday of a friend, relative or co-worker? Search our database of 120 million names and birth dates

How about Canada you might ask. Just point your browser at CRP Hubble. Available in both English and French.

Personally I only speak one language, English, although I can read a little French on occassion. When surfing the net I occassionaly run into a website written in some foreign tongue. Try AltaVista's online translations in this case to easily translate from one language to another and back.


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