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Let us help you find missing pension fund partincipants!

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Have you lost contact with former employees who may be entitled to pension plan benefits? Are mailings to the contact addresses that you have on your records being returned to you as addressee unknown?

Our service helps fund sponsors and administrators exercise due diligence and locate missing pension fund participants. If you need to locate fund participants, we can provide a fast, reliable and inexpensive service.  And for simple searches, our policy is "no find, no fee."

We will conduct database searches in order to provide you with up to date contact information, such as address and telephone number.

If we are not able to find an individual, we can search for contact information of relatives. If the person might be deceased, we can search for the date and place of death, and we can assist in obtaining a death certificate.

Stop sending pension checks to deceased individuals!

Death records searches can be useful if you believe that some individuals who are listed among your former employees or plan members who are entitled to benefits, may in fact have passed away.

Verify social security numbers.

We will check social security numbers (SSN) to find out whether the SSN that you have on your records is listed as having been issued to your pension beneficiary.

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